Travis Carpenter

Vice President, Data Sources


Travis Carpenter has been innovating with data for over two decades. As the leader of the Data Sources team at Mastercard, he brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the management and usage of internal and external data sources. To ensure all data was fit for purpose, he led the development of the framework and methodology for improving data quality through activities that discover, diagnose and remediate issues. To make data more accessible and private, his team has led the analysis and implementation of new Privacy Enhancing Technologies, such as Homomorphic Encryption, Differential Privacy and Synthetic Data.

Travis has been with Mastercard for sixteen years. Prior to joining the Data Sources team, he led many teams within the Loyalty business unit, including the Rewards product line. Mastercard is one of the leaders in consumer loyalty worldwide, supporting over 400 issuer and merchant programs. Travis lives in St. Louis with his wife and four sons. He holds an MBA from the University of Missouri, Robert J. Trulaske School of Business.