Topher Wurts

Partner and CMO

Chief Outsiders

Topher is a Chief Outsiders Partner and CMO who provides fractional, project, program, and coaching support to executives and companies of all sizes, along with over seventy Chief Outsider partner peers all who’ve previously held C-level titles at mostly fortune 1500 companies. Topher’s been a change agent at the intersection of technology, marketing, and sales for his entire career. Topher’s recent work has included large clients from the provider (Spectrum Health System), payor (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Priority Health), health-tech, and pharma industry as well as business services (Crowe) while his professional background is deep in media and fin-tech (Reuters, Liquidnet, Axioma). He has a unique ability to redefine brand identity, clarify value proposition, foster business awareness, and increase ROI from data driven digital and traditional marketing efforts. With an innate love of technology, he implements digital driven and delivered initiatives in order to drive business results. Topher works with B2B and B2C companies from startups through mid-sized to large corporate divisions and organizations. From new product launches to organizational res-design and change management, Topher helps to generate rapid growth and revenue gains. Topher is a strong collaborative influencer who’s able to bring together multi-faceted teams including with strategic partners and alliances who may sometimes view each other as competition.