Linda Avery

Chief Data Officer

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Linda Avery is the New York Federal Reserve Bank’s first Chief Data Officer. Over the past five years, Linda has shaped the Bank’s data strategy, standing up a new organization that, through strong business connectivity, has driven change in the Bank’s data management practices and has cultivated capabilities in the areas of AI, data visualization, and product strategy. Linda’s SVP role also encompasses the leadership and transformation of a large data collection, data quality and analysis organization.

Linda was previously a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, where her career spanned twenty years. At Goldman, she held a diverse set of leadership roles driving innovation across the Trading, Investment Banking, and Operations, Technology, and Finance Divisions. Linda also played an important financial industry leadership role, working closely with the global regulatory community as co-chair of the LEI Trade Association, to drive towards the establishment of a globally accepted, federated Legal Entity Identification system as a foundational component in managing risk within the financial system. Across her career at Goldman, she was asked to play a lead role in the start-up of a number of new companies as joint ventures.

Linda graduated with a degree in English Literature from Bucknell University. She developed a passion for technology and data shortly thereafter. She has worked as a technologist in companies both large and small, well-established and just starting, and came to realize early in her career that the difference between failure and success can come down to how you manage the data.