DJ Edgerton

CEO / Founder


DJ Edgerton is the Founder and CEO of Zemoga, a leading digital innovation and production agency w/ offices in NYC, Los Angeles, CT, Medellin, Barranquilla, & Bogota, Colombia. Voted Colombia’s “Top Exporter of Services” in 2010 and voted by readers of Nearshore Americas the #10 most influential global sourcing executive.

DJ has worked in the digital agency and production space for over 25 years specializing in developing customer engagement strategies & building teams and technologies that provide groundbreaking solutions for F500 Co’s.. His range of expertise includes engagement architecture, social media, global consumer marketing programs innovative use of mobile technologies that deliver industry leading design, user engagement and ROI. DJ pioneered the delivery of high-end digital solutions to Top Tier US clients from NearShore locations in LatAm.