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Friday January 25, 2018

Global Call for CDO Speakers!
Chief Data Officer JOBS Update for December 2018


We are excited to offer select CDO Club registered members the opportunity to keynote at our global events listed below. Travel and lodging will be covered by our partners. Note that you must be a CDO to apply (Chief Digital Officer or Chief Data Officer/Scientist).

We are currently looking for CDO speakers in the following locations: 

  • Tokyo, Japan: Looking for public sector/municipal CDOs (March 14-15, 2019)
  • New York City, USA: Looking for Chief Digital/Data Officers (May 2019)
  • Shanghai, China: Looking for Chief Digital/Innovation Officers (May 15-17, 2019)
  • Madrid, Spain: Looking for Chief Digital/Data Officers (May 21-23, 2019)
  • Sanya, China: Looking for Chief Digital/Data Officers (August, 2019)

If interested, contact us hereInclude your resume and/or LinkedIn URL, previous international keynote appearances and topics. We cannot accommodate every request, and reserve the right to decide on chosen speakers. Registered CDO Club members get preference.

Get the latest info on these Chief DATA Officers and more….
Check out these Chief DATA Officers in the news….

Welcome Back To Our Chief Data Officer Jobs Update Through December 2018

Below are just four of the 31 articles on Chief Data Officers that we tracked in December 2018.
See all CDOs In The News here.

Melvin Greer: December 10, 2018. The Chief Data Scientist at Intel Corporation was named “Artificial Intelligence Executive of the Year” at the Washington Exec Pinnacle Awards which honors influencers in government contracting. In February 2012, Greer received the Black Engineer Technologist of the Year Award, which recognized his outstanding technical contributions to cloud computing and service-oriented architecture. Learn more
Helen Hunter: December 13, 2018
Chief Data Officer at Sainsbury’s
“Part of the benefit of working in this agile way is we deliver small incremental value very often rather than waiting for these enormous silver bullets that are going to change the world,” Hunter explained to Marketing Week. 
Learn more
Peter Serenita: December 26, 2018
U.S. Chief Data Officer for Scotiabank
“The data profession is very collaborative. Organizations can learn from one another. Data executives can benefit from the experiences of others who have been in the data trenches. But the 4.0 data executive also brings a new way of thinking that will further advance the data practice”. Learn more
Ian Oppermann: December 10, 2018
Chief Data Scientist and CEO NSW Data Analytics Centre at NSW 
“A lot of people have been looking at the Five Safes, but it’s currently a conceptual model. If you have a safe person working on safe project with a safe platform with safe data to produce safe outputs, then everything is great,”
Dr Oppermann told InnovationAus.comLearn more

Read more on the blog post about Melvin, Helen, Peter, Ian, and the EIGHTEEN other CDOs who made the news in December 2018, including ANZ’s Emma Gray; Dun & Bradstreet’s Anthony Scriffignano; Financial Times’s Tom Betts; International Institute for Analytics’ Bill Franks; Ithaca College’s Yuko Mulugetta; Maritz Motivation Solutions’ Jesse Wolfersberger; and SwitchPoint Ventures’ Damian R. Mingle.

How did they make news? Find out on the blog.

Looking for your dream job? You’ve come to the right place. We recently added 14 new Chief Data Officer jobs to our
Career page, and 14 for Chief Digital Officers, for a total of TWENTY-EIGHT open CDO postings. 

You’ll find the details on all this below, and much more on the blog post.

Check out the 28 NEW CDO open positions….

Dream Jobs!

We recently added fourteen new Chief Data Officer jobs to our career portal, and 14 new Chief Digital Officer jobs for a total of TWENTY-EIGHT open CDO postings.

Five of those open jobs are listed below, including Rhythm, Cigna, Haymarket, HSBC, and McKinsey. 

Be sure to check back regularly as we add more jobs: http://cdoclub.com/executive-search

Note that you need to have a SILVER CDO Club membership, at minimum, to view career posts.

Featured Job Post:

Our FEATURED job post is below. If you would like your job post to be featured in our emailers and on our career portal, contact us here for more information. 
Chief Data Officer (Co-founder Position)
Rhythm is an early (stealth) stage pet wellness mission driven company backed by solid IP to radically impact the health, happiness and longevity of pets. Existing co-founders are looking for a seasoned technology leader to join the founding team to build and scale the technical core, a true Jack of All, Master of One or More. This position will be responsible for establishing short and long term strategy, and hands-on tactical implementation of a technology ecosystem that incorporates large scale data, cloud-based marine learning, IoT consumer electronics products, all Bluetooth / WiFi communication layers and protocols (IoT-to-APP-to-cloud) and master integration into to manufacturing ERP/MRP systems, e-commence, logistics, security and data analytics. The position will also select, implement and manage all operations back office and customer facing solutions.  Send email for more info

Director, Chief Data Officer, Asia Pacific – Global Banking and Markets
Hong Kong, HK
Chief Data Officer
Dorchester Center

Chief Digital Experience Officer
Bloomfield, US-CT
Chief Digital Officer
New Jersey, US
We currently have 28 open CDO jobs posted on our career page.
Registered CDO Club members get full access to job postings.
Check out new Chief DATA Officers hired in December…

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1. CDO JOBS Update: The CDO JOBS Update includes 3 sections: New CDO Hires; CDOs In The News; and Open CDO Jobs.  Our goal is to keep you up-to-date on the dynamic CDO market – and maybe help find your next dream job! Minimum SILVER membership.
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4. Strategic consultation: In addition to all the benefits of SILVER and GOLD, our PLATINUM members get a one-hour strategic consultation facilitated and led by CDO Club CEO David Mathison; guaranteed Early Bird pricing discounts with VIP registration and preferred seating at CDO Summits; and three complimentary job posts per year on our dedicated career page.

GOLD and PLATINUM members get to view videos of keynotes and panels of their colleagues and seasoned digital/data leaders such as:
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REPORT: “101 CDOs Who Have Become CEO

Good news for CDOs:
The war for talent continues in the C-suite and at PE firms

There is a “leadership crisis” unfolding at Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies, where executives are expected to hit the ground running to manage turnarounds, succession planning, change management, and to identify and deliver new products and revenue streams in an increasingly competitive and disruptive business environment. 

Hence the importance of experienced CDOs to PE groups such as Bain Capital, Carlyle Group, Providence Equity Partners, KKR, Apollo Global, Blackstone, and their portfolio companies.

According to a recent report by Hunt-Scanlon:
“The PE sector can expect to see an expanding bidding war for top talent over the next decade. Driving the trend: persistent global talent shortages across the C-suite in most industries and functions, including finance, healthcare, biotech, digital, and technology. 

Value creation for PE firms is no longer beholden to financial engineering. Instead, returns are best maximized by building top flight management teams to drive revenue, find operating efficiencies and transform culture. Leadership is the new bottom line for PE operating executives seeking top talent for their portfolio businesses.”
Our goal at the CDO Club is is to help our members prepare for these important positions. For example, in 2018 Bain Capital and the CDO Club co-published a report on ‘101 CDOs Who Have Become CEO/President.’

The phenomenon is occurring globally, across sectors, and at organizations of all sizes. 
The CDO Club is the only organization tracking this important trend – see our “Hall of Fame” page for the entire list.

You can download the BAIN Report here or via the link below. 

If you are interested in co-publishing reports with the CDO Club, contact us here.
To download the complimentary Report and 
view profiles for each executive, visit: 

Download Now >

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For many vendors, its become increasingly difficult to keep track of who is in charge at their client’s organizations. Shifting budgets, internal battles over head-count, new decision-makers in the C-Suite. Almost every sector has been affected.
Seasoned leaders with experience in digital transformation and data-driven culture are increasingly getting the keys to the kingdom, reporting to the CEO and the Board. 
We’ve been tracking this shift since 2011, when there were only a few hundred CDOs on earth. Now, thousands of people hold those titles.
We can help get your message to these highly coveted, C-level digital and data decision-makers. We
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