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30 MAY 2018
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07:00 - 08:30: Registration, Breakfast, and Networking. Thank you, CDO Club!
08:30 - 09:00: Welcome; Opening Remarks: David Mathison & Joe Bilman
• Topic: The ‘Gig Economy’ Hits the C-Suite: A Talent Exchange that Works For You
• Summary: After Mathison welcomes the delegates and reviews the agenda for the day, he and Joe Bilman suggest that the White Collar “gig economy” has hit the C-suite, evidenced by the simultaneous increase in fractional CIOs, CMOs, CFOs, CHROs, and CDOs; and the shortening tenures of C-suite executives. Both Spencer Stuart and Korn Ferry estimate that CMO’s have the shortest tenures in the C-Suite at just 42 months. According to CDO Club statistics, CDO tenure is on average 36-48 months. Reasons behind this trend are examined, and the presenters review potential solutions, including the CDO Club’s upcoming AI-based talent exchange that matches experts with targeted opportunities.
David Mathison: CEO at CDO Club
Joe Bilman: Chief Digital Officer & Head of Product Development at Harland Clarke Holdings, Valassis & Harland Clarke
09:00 - 09:30: Opening Keynote: Darren Herman: Operating Partner at Bain Capital; and Jon Bond: Co Chairman and Chief Tomorroist of The Shipyard
• Topic: 100 CDOs Who Have Become CEO
• Summary: After extensive research into the backgrounds and career paths of thousands of Chief Digital Officers worldwide, Bain Capital, the Shipyard, and the CDO Club recently published a report on the “CDO to CEO” career path. Notably, the report found that in just the last seven years, over 100 CDOs have become Chief Executive Officer or President. Considering that there are only a few thousand Chief Digital Officers globally, and that the Chief Digital Officer title is just over a decade old, this appears to be a surprising trend. Or is it? Darren Herman of Bain Capital and Jon Bond of the Shipyard will examine these startling findings in detail.
09:30 - 10:15: Panel: CDOs Who Have Become CEO or President
• Summary: Panelists include former Chief Digital Officers who have successfully made the transition from CDO to CEO. They’ll discuss the skills and background required, and challenges to overcome, when making this career move.
David Mathison (moderator): Curator, CDO Summit & Founder, CDO Club
Barbara Goodstein: Member of Board of Directors at Kush Bottles
Darren Herman: Operating Partner at Bain Capital
David Chivers: President & Publisher at Register Media
Eric Hellweg: Managing Director, Product Management & Digital Strategy at Harvard Business Review /
Sean Atkins: Sr. Advisor, Evolution Media & Former President, MTV at Viacom
10:15 - 10:45: Mid-Morning Break. Thank you, CDO Club!
10:45 - 11:30: Panel: Digital Transformation in the CMO Suite
• Summary: Digital Transformation has changed the modern marketing playbook. Panelists will explore how global CMO’s are embracing and leading digital within their firms, and leveraging marketing, sales, and technical talent to migrate to e-commerce and customer connections.
Greg Paull (moderator): Co Founder and Principal of R3
Ben Jankowski: Group Head, Global Media at Mastercard
Kim Canfield: North American Media Director at Colgate Palmolive
Michelle Froah: VP of Digital Transformation at Samsung Electronics America
11:30 - 12:00: Keynote: Saskia Steinacker: Vice President and Global Lead Digital Excellence at Bayer
• Topic: Digital Transformation of a Life Science Company
• Summary: More innovation is needed in Life Sciences to help feed and heal a growing population in a sustainable manner. Bayer transform the company to use digitalization and new technologies like Artificial Intelligence to create innovative and sustainable solutions for its customers.
12:00 - 13:30: Lunch. Thank you, CDO Club!
12:30 - 12:50: Lunch & Learn: Ananya Chadha: Innovator at TKS
• Topic: The Future of Blockchain - Intersections With Other Exponential Technologies
• Summary: Ananya, a 16 year-old blockchain developer from Toronto, discusses her experiences in the blockchain space, applications she has built, and where she thinks blockchain will be growing in the future.
12:50 - 13:10: Lunch & Learn: Jessica Pointing: Founder at Optimize Guide; Quantum Computing Researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
• Topic: The World of Quantum
• Summary: Because atoms and subatomic particles behave in strange and complex ways, classical physics can not explain their quantum behavior. However, when the behavior is harnessed effectively, systems become far more powerful than classical computers… quantum powerful. Jessica Pointing, quantum computing researcher, unpacks this topic with a fascinating primer.
13:10 - 13:30: Lunch & Learn: Rich Kramer: Founder & Managing Director at Arete Research
• Topic: Are Digital Advertising Markets Rigged?
• Summary: That Facebook and Google have absorbed nearly all the incremental spending on digital ads is conventional wisdom; but why, and how? The leading Internet players have managed to control both the supply and demand side of the digital ad market in a way that would be unimaginable in financial markets. Several developments – blockchain based solutions, new entrants into digital ad space like Amazon, and greater regulatory scrutiny – offer the chance for publishers and brands to get more diversity and competition among those competing for their audience and ad budgets.
13:30 - 14:00: Keynote: TBA
14:00 - 14:45: Panel: Leveraging Data for Competitive Advantage
• Summary: This panel examines the challenges and opportunities many organizations face when leveraging their data for competitive advantage. Panelists will discuss ways of establishing business-driven global knowledge and social collaboration strategies that will enable the organization to deliver real-time, actionable insights to the right people at the right time.
David Mathison: Curator, CDO Summit & Founder, CDO Club (Moderator)
Eugene Kolker: VP & Chief Data Officer, IBM Services at IBM Corp.
Gina Papush: Global Chief Data & Analytics Officer at QBE Insurance Group
Slava Akmaev: SVP, Chief Analytics Officer, Co-founder and Head of Berg Analytics at BERG
Steve Serra: VP, Product & Innovation at United Technologies
14:45 - 15:05: Impact Keynote: Joe Caserta: President of Caserta
• Topic: Unleashing the Cloud: How Transforming Your Data Ecosystem Will Transform Your Business
• Summary: Is your data ecosystem choking your organization’s growth? You’re not alone. Join Joe Caserta as he explores how world-class organizations have been transforming their data ecosystems to reduce cost, generate revenue, improve quality and reduce risk. In this talk you will learn the necessary digital foundation required to realize the full disruptive potential of the cloud. Joe will provide real-world use cases and examples of how the cloud enables automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and more. The presentation, which will be enjoyed by both business and tech sides, will include a review of the data strategy required to improve efficiency, agility, and increase business value.
15:05 - 15:30: Mid-Afternoon Break. Thank you, CDO Club!
15:30 - 15:45: IMPACT Keynote: Makoto Kakizaki: Director of Digital Strategy Office at Sansan
• Topic: What happens when you digitize business cards?
• Summary: In this session, Makoto will talk about the issue common to Japanese organizations that continued from the Edo(Samurai) period. And this issue can be solved by digitalizing business cards originating in the United States. The digital business cards lead to organizational innovation and are the engine that drives technological innovation.
15:45 - 16:15: Keynote: Amen Ra Mashariki: Head of Urban Analysis at Esri
• Topic: Moving Towards a Smarter City with Urban Analytics
• Summary: Learn how a Citywide Intelligence Platform enabled by location intelligence can better enable cities to become "Smart." Amen will also discuss how urban analytics, the combination of location intelligence and data science, can help data-driven decision makers realize positive outcomes for their communities through The Science of Where.
16:15 - 16:45: Keynote: Anthony Scriffignano, Ph.D.: SVP, Chief Data Scientist at Dun & Bradstreet
• Topic: Digital Disruption: Evolve Or Fade, The Choice Is Ours
• Summary: Business decisions have always been informed by data. However, the very nature of data, and what we can do with it is changing at a pace that is arguably unmeasurable. Are we really responding with our best, or just surviving in this sea of change? Virtually all businesses are being digitally disrupted by new technologies such as BlockChain, Robotic Process Automation, the Internet of Things, and cognitive AI. At the same time, changes in business ecosystems such as cryptocurrency enabled transactions, Fintech, and interacting autonomous devices are changing the definition of what it means to serve our customers. New malefactors with new tools are also introducing threats which are increasingly difficult to detect and pervasive. In this session, Dr. Anthony Scriffignano, SVP/Chief Data Scientist at Dun and Bradstreet, will explore how the massive availability of data is changing the way business decisions are made in the modern context. This session, both relevant and at times irreverent, will cover three main themes: Digital Disruption (how the data around us continues to change), Planned Response (using disparate information to make increasingly powerful decisions), and Future Trends and Recommendations.
16:45 - 17:00: CDO of the Year Award
17:00 - 18:00: Special Guest: John Hall: Former Congressman for NY's 19th District, Musician, Songwriter, Co-Founder of Orleans, and Author of “Still the One: A Rock'n'Roll Journey to Congress and Back”
• Topic: Time, Tech, and the Digital Priesthood
• Summary: A select few will interpret big changes to the masses.

Whether warning future humans about nuclear waste, synthesizing time capsules to bury or launch into space, or explaining new tech, a highly specialized cadre of people will show the opportunities and dangers of new tech. These clergy of technology will know what came before, and where things are going. Things are moving so rapidly that its hard to keep up, and a reverse process must be ready for those times when events force us back to older tech.

John's Father was born in 1920. PhD in Electrical engineering from Brown, worked for Westinghouse on NASA or DoD contracts, helped design the camera that showed Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon, held patents on imaging devices in tube, solid state and digital modalities. At night he taught Cobol and Fortran in the 60's, but after he retired, sometimes he had to call John to ask how to open his email. Mac OS and a mouse left him perplexed as a user of tech designed to be simple.

When he was elected to Congress in 2006, John was given a Blackberry. iPhone came out in 2007. Now where are Blackberrys? Thats only 11 years ago. The pace is dizzying, and the need still exists to protect the analog knowledge that has been collected - actuarial tables, polling, an album by Led Zepellin. There is always the chance of reversion to an earlier tech time; a EMP, solar flare, or just a lightning strike that wipes our hard drives, and fries circuit boards. A sailor's GPS can fail and throw navigation back to a chart and compass.

We ask for guidance.

John will then perform a couple of acoustic songs.

18:00 - END: Networking Cocktail Reception Thank you, CDO Club!